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Shiek and his mommy!!
Shiek sleeping with his grandpa

Shiek looks very fat here. Do not worry its just how he is lazy. He wanted me to send kisses to you for him:) love-shiek

Brittany   -  Minneapolis - USA - April  2012
Hey Alex! I have the boy we are heading home from the airport. He is doing just fine.. Very happy.
He is doing great! He is such a good boy we love him sooooo much!!! We can not thank you enough!! He is like our baby haha we spoil him rotten!! He never has any accidents in the house or in his crate and he is just such a happy little guy!!

Cindy  -  Newark - USA - May 2012
Dear Alex & Stacey,
I told both of the ladies I talked to that we were 100% satisfied with everything that you had told me. The lady from Boone called me after we exchanged several emails and told me that after she had talked to me she had decided she was going to buy 2 puppies from you! Yeahhhh!  I told her that we are in love with our puppy! He is precious! He loves me most.... He follows me everywhere I go! He is such a good boy  and he is so smart! You did such a good job! :)
I did talk to the other lady, she ask me to send her more pictures of our puppy and ask me about you. 
I told her that we would buy from you again & again! We were so happy with our relationship with you!
Thanks again. I am happy to talk with anyone!
Cynthia  -  North Carolina - USA - April 2012
hi alex,

rush-a(princess)is doing great with the other dogs.  she's settled in with them and is playing.  she's interested in water, she's putting her feet in the water bowl.  i'm thinking when it's hot outside, she will like the kiddie pool i have for the dogs.
i have decided to call her Rush-A-Blu. 
she's a very sweet girl and has slept with me and a couple other dogs thru the night.  she's doing very well, eating, playing, etc.  being a normal pup.  she's getting use to a crate off and on thru the day, just to get her adjusted.  she's not been with any other dogs yet as i want to make sure she's ok and it appears that she's fine....just to be safe.
we did switch her to science diet food and her stool is fine and she likes it.
i'll send you pictures of her in a couple days, when things settle down here.
thank you alex
Vickie  -  Tennessee - USA - June 2012
Hi Alex,
I also feed Royal Canin so this is good.
Thank you for Sherard information.  Thank you for all your help, as you know Elaina is my first blue Frenchie.
I just gave Elaina a nice bath and cut toenails, she is doing good.
I do want to get another dog from you but I guess I will now wait.  I love, love, love, Elaina!  She is happy, smart, looks very good, her tail set is a bit high but that’s ok.  I will register her with AKC next week.
Kathi  -  California - USA - May 2012

She's here!!!!  We love her already

This picture is right after I picked her up at the airport. 
  She was VERY excited to get to run around in our backyard when I got her home.  I think she was just excited to be away from the noise of the airport!  She ran and played for an hour, picking up sticks and dragging them around.  It was awesome!

Thanks again for everything! 

I will send more pictures.

Melissa                                                                                                                Melissa   -  Ohio - USA - March  2012
Aimee & Nelson  -  Vancouver  - Canada - March  2012

I have been meaning to send you a thank-you e-mail and let you know how Max is doing!  We honestly could not have picked a better breeder nor puppy!  Max has the best temperament and personality.  He melts our hearts and everyday he makes us laugh!

The pick-up at the airport was easy.  The customs officer had all Max’s paper work and he had no questions.  Thank you for sending such details paperwork for making the transition as easy as possible.  Once the customs officer released the paper work to us we were able to go to cargo and pick up little Max!  He was the cutest little thing in his crate.  He was a bit scared to come out of his crate, but, once he was out he was sooooo happy!!!  We took him to some grass that was close to the cargo area and gave him some water and food.  He played with sticks, ate a few kibbles and drank some water. 

That evening, our friends came over and he was the most friendly puppy to everyone!  He seemed to like his crate, so after it was washed we made it cozy and he sleeps in it every night!  The first and second night he cried at about 2:00AM, we took him to pee and then he fell asleep again.  After those two nights, he has slept through the night!

We want to thank you for making our experience so easy!  It definitely is intimidating sending over money via wire and crossing your fingers a puppy arrives!  I am more than happy to give referrals for you Alex, you have my e-mail and please pass it on.  I would recommend you as a breeder to anyone.

I hope one day we can purchase another puppy!


Nelson and Aimee

Hi Alex,

YES.. we picked up Meishka from the airport yesterday evening.  She was very healthy and happy.  We didn't get home until later that night and I assumed you were probably sleeping.  Sorry I didn't let you know yesterday.  She is doing great!  We can't believe how little and sweet she is.. absolutely perfect!  Thank you so much for making this so easy on us and taking such good care of our little Meishka!  We LOVE her!  I will send you some pictures later today when I upload them on my computer! 

Thanks again for everything!

Julie                                                                                                                   Julie  -  Houston  - USA - March  2012
Harly -  Philippines - July  2011
Hi Alex,

I do not know where to begin. I was worried sending money to Russia for a puppy. This would be the first time you had shipped to the U.A.E. so it made me anxious. Through our correspondance I know we would not find a better breeder. I have to say that over the short time we have been in touch about the dogs it has been such a pleasure to deal with you. Rarely do you get a chance to meet someone so genuine with such a love and knowledge for thier passion, in this case your frenchies. All time you kept me updated with so many pictures and videos. It was a real pleasure to see our puppies growing up. Everytime I asked a question you would respond so promptly and always made time to answer honestly. I appreciated this very much.
Thankfully the puppies both arrived without hassle. The vet said we had the best paper work of the evening and it was complete (even the export pedigree came with them), he was happy to give them the release documents. The vet asked if I was sent the right dogs. You sent so many pictures and updates that the pups were easy to identify as exactly the puppies that I had purchased from you.
What can I say about your puppies.... they are wonderful little characters, not at all withdrawn or shy and very even tempered. They look to be the picture of health and great representatives of thier breed. They both enjoyed a play on the grass at the airport before the journey home. It's really nice to have them with us now. All the love your family has given to the puppies certainly shows from the moment we first contacted you to actually getting to meet these fantastic dogs. Solaris is into everything playing with just about anything that he can get in his mouth, Ronda appears to be a little bit more laid back, loving kisses, cuddles and closeness, so far. Both are happy to eat thier food, but Ronda is the fastest if a treat is offered.
I will keep you updated and send you some decent pictures/video this weekend, but for now I am sending a couple of pictures from last night and this morning, so you can see your pups are here safetly. I will also update you following thier health check with our vet, but this is routine not through any concern as they are both lovely healthy looking pups.
If ever you need a reference or if anyone else buys a puppy from you in the U.A.E. and needs any assistance with the process at this side, I am more then happy for you to pass on my contact details.
Thank you so much for these two wonderful little dogs.
Our love and gratitude to you, your family and great frenchies
Karen & family


Feel free to use anything I have said on your website, your family and dogs have always been great and if ever you need any references from this side of the world or customers here with worries, feel free to give them our email address. I can't believe you never shipped to the UAE before and yet managed to get the papers in better order then the two nationals trying to import animals on the same evening we collected the puppies.
We left with two puppies in no time the nationals left with no puppy in one case and no falcon in another.
by the way Ronda is starting her first season. and she is still such a sweet heart all of Anastasiya's hugs certainly worked.. she's going to be muy cuddley little darling.. I'm loving coming home to her welcoming demands for attention what a brilliant little lady and such a good example of a frenchie I can't wait for the dubai show and will send you pics of that day.
So kudos to you and your family.

Kind Regards

Karen and Family

Karen and Family   -  Abu Dhabi - UAE - October 2011
Dear Alex and Anastasia,
I just wanted to say hi! I hope that you both are doing ok. Tutankhamen is doing great! He responds to his name. I know that both of you miss him very much. He is so handsome. I can't stop giving him hugs and kisses.  He has a great appetite. He is eating his dry food. He loves carrots, apples, and rawhide chips as well.  He gets along with my other dogs. He has been so well socialized with you all. I could tell that he came from a very loving and caring home. I assure you both that he will continue to receive the love and affection from me.  His personality is awesome. I could not be happier with him. I could never find someone like him in the USA. He means so much to me.  I love him very much. Thank you once again for my little boy.
I will send pictures of us this week. I returned to work and have not been able to take some nice pictures. The one picture that I did send was of my mother Halina and him.

Good Morning!
It is so nice to hear from both of you. Yes, I will send more pictures of my Tutankhamen. I have to take some more this week. I am off from work for the next 2 days. I promise I will send some more. My mom has been in Poland for the past 2 weeks. She just got back yesterday. I am so happy that she is back home. Every time she called me from Poland, she asked about her grandson Tutankhamen. She could not wait to see him yesterday.  He is very popular. My vet and his staff are in love with as well. My vet said he has never seen such a good looking super mini French bulldog. The ones in the USA look different.  They have his pictures on the board in the office.
I have not had a chance to see Lisa. Our schedules are so different. I work nights shifts. We are planning to see each other this week Thursday.  I will give her the pedigree paperwork for Veronika. It is in a safe place.
I hope both of you are doing ok!
I will send you another email this week with additional pictures.
Anna                                                                                                                                                                                   Anna   -  North Caroline - USA - October 2011
Dearest Alex,

I can tell you we love our puppies!!!!!!!
My sweet Opoly is doing well. He had a runny nose and is taking medication for that.
All the pups seem to be happy here.
OMG!!!! They are soooooo spoiled!!!!

I want to say you did a great job in getting all the puppies paper work together, Vet check ups , Pedigrees to me. The puppies show all the love you gave them.
You are an excellent breeder and I  will get more puppies from you!!!
I do not say that to many breeders. I am very picky with my dogs.
They are beautiful and well taken care of by you.
You are a man of your word and you do exactly what you say you will do .

Here are a few pictures I took at the Airport  and here at home.
I will take some more and send them to you my friend:)
Thank you Alex for all your hard work getting my sweet puppies here safe.
You always said to me " Don't worry " :)

Hugs to you,
Pami   -  Los Angeles - USA - Jule 2011
Hi Alex,
Nessy is doing really good, she is a very intelligent puppy, she learned how to climb the steps
by herself in one day, she does all kind of funny things, she will drag mop bucket all over the kitchen, she will attack the vacum cleaner, she also love to steal my slippers.
She is just perfect I couldn t be happier, everybody felt in love with her at work and everywhere she goes, my husband Elijah was gone for 3 weeks when Nessy arrived and as soon he saw her he  started smiling  and playing with her belly, she snoore just like a
baby piglet and she is fearless, she loves the big dogs and she has a very outgoing personality.
She is kept only indoor and she runs outside like a bunny rabbit in the backyard, she loves raw hides and play ball, she also learned to walk on the leash super fast.I never saw such a little trooper!
She is becoming more beautiful by the day and everybody is jalous of me, one of my friend breeder is thinking about getting a female from you but he first wants to see my pedigree to check bloodlines.
Nessy skin and coat is really good, no problems at all , a prefect dog and a perfect addition to our family!!!
I m saving money to get a second one in few months when Nessy will be a little older and
housebroken! She is pretty good but still has accidents in the house!!!


Here pics of me and my husband.
I m taking pics of her right now, sorry did'n t get the time yet, I will email them today
Lisa                                                                                                                                                            Lisa  -  North Caroline - USA - Jule 2011                                                                                 
Dear Alex,

We received Mishka without incident at the Calgary airport. He was very lively and energetic and playful. On the ride home to Edmonton (about 3 hours from Calgary)... he was not fussy and slept most of the way and did not get carsick.

His first 24 hours has been filled with many new experiences for both us and Mishka, but he seems very happy and well adjusted. He's only eaten about 150mL of food since his arrival (one feeding) and but has been drinking plenty of water and is napping a lot.

I would like to thank you for everything you've done to make this transition and transaction as easy as possible. I've included a few pictures of Mishka for you to see. As he gets bigger and older, I will send you more to keep you informed of how your baby is doing and that he is in good, caring hands.

Thank you~ I will let you know when I receive the pedigree information.

Regards, Kristy & Katie                                 

Kristy & Katie - Calgary- Canada  - Jule 2011
Hi Alex,
Your baby girl is safe in my arms and we love her so much she is beautiful! and what a personality!  thank you so much...I hope you can help me find my dream english male soon too!  I don't care what color he is but must carry black, blue and chocolate:)  Cheers my friend:)

Linda - Vancouver - Canada  - Jule 2011
We have picked up the puppy and returned home safely.
There was no problem with customs or cargo.
He is very very cute and has made friends with all of the pack.
Thank you so much. We will send pictures tomorrow.

Ned & Farrah - USA - June 2011
Hey Alex ! I can't thank you enough for Simon ! He is perfect in every way! I am currently trying to teach him English lol! He is so beautiful! If it is ok with you and if it's not too late I would like his registered name to be( Two Eyed Jack ) after a famous horse here in America. If not its ok. I will send another video soon. Thanks ! Trent

Trent - Mississippi - USA - May 2011
Hello, Alex
Koa (Lion) is doing fabulous. He looks better in person than in pictures, I didn't think that was possible because he looked so good in the pictures! Thank you so much for him and will be definitely purchasing more beautiful puppies from you in the future. We will wait for another breeding from you because my female is in heat and I will be breeding her and I want to purchase 2 females from you. Please let me know if you have received the pictures of Koa. Thank you and talk to you soon. Nina
Nina - Las Vegas - USA -  April 2011
Wow Alex,  she is everything we could have hoped for and more!!!!   She is wonderful!!!!  From the second we picked her up she has been perfect and the introduction with our ogre dog went better than we could ever have expected.  We can't thank you enough for her!  She is sitting in between us now relaxing.  We love her so much!
Thank you,
Rock and Melanie - Boston - USA - April 2011
Hi Alex,
Laguna is doing very well. We kept her name. We have a 3 month old English Bulldog puppy that she plays with all the time. The twins love her and play with her all the time also. She is a wonderful dog and very sweet. We will take a few photos of her tomorrow and send them. Don't worry about Laguna she is very happy and we all love her.

Thanks, Leslie
Dan and Leslie - Arizona - Phoenix  - USA - April 2011
These lovely girls have bought from us Anna and Maria Rock from California
Hello Alex,

A quick note to let you know that he arrived safely and we just go back home - a very long day!    He's running around exploring right now - has lots of energy after being in his crate for a long while!     He's looking good and I'm sure he will forget about the long journey very quickly!!
Thank you so much; I really appreictae all your help.  :o)
Will be in touch soon with some photo's.
Bev  - Canada  -  February 2011
hello Alex!
I have now received Gasha. She is the cutest little poppy. I fell in love with at once. 
oh yes she is soo cute and actually i think she much prettier in real in on picture.
i will send you some photos one of the feast days.

                    Mikael - Denmark -  February 2011   
Hi Alex!
He's finally here and he's is more then I hoped for.  I love him.  Magnificent puppy. I have a appointment to have him checked out at  my vets.  Probably nothing.  Here is a picture with my son.  I had no problem at the airport as you said I wouldn't, Thanks again and add me as a reference anytime. You  were  very  professional.
Talk to you soon  Denise
  Denise Sharp  - State Tennessee  - USA -  February 2011
Hi Alex and Stasi,
Puppies very much... We will give you
A good reference on your website.
Thanks !!!
Chris Delrosario  - San Fransisco  - USA -  January 2011
Hi, Alex!
we just got in from the airport the plane was running late because of the weather .
blue girl is doing fine she was glad to get out of her crate my wife played with her all the way home and even feed.
what kind of dog food do you feed her i forgot to ask here is a picture of me and blue girl she made it all the way from Russia to Kansas city and we love her we will stay in touch with you and send you more pictures as she grows thank you for helping us every step of the way we appreciated it and we will do business with you sometime again.

Ed Gauger - Kansas City -USA -  January 2011
Dear Alex and Family,
We just adore Bullseye (a.k.a. Golden). Our 5 year old son named him off of the Toy Story movie. He is just the sweetest little guy! He loves to snuggle on
our lap and take his naps, and our other girl frenchies love him!  We feel very fortunate to have found a wonderful breeder and friend, you and your family are wonderful caring people! Thank you for all your communication
throughout the process of getting him to Oklahoma, we are very thankful to you. He is such a great looking frenchie, we love him very much! I will send you pics again as he grows.
With Great Love,
The Hoffman Family

Mandy Hoffman - Oklahoma City - USA - December 2010
Dear Alex,
picked up the puppy with little to no trouble his great !  He happy here and will will keep him happy and healthy. Misha is doing well he  a happy boy
Ande'a Massa - Newark -  USA - October 2010
Dear Alex!
Picked up the puppies (Pandora and Penelopa)  today.... I send you recent pictures of the puppies
Thanks !!!
Chris Delrosario  - San Fransisco  - USA -  October 2010
Dear Alex,

I have just got back home with Nyusha, and it is a little after 4 a.m. in the morning here.  She is absolutely gorgeous, and has those same beautiful dark eyes that Erica has.  I love her soft plush coat, too.  What food have you been feeding her?  I am feeding a premium food called Bil-Jac, and my dogs have soft coats, but I don't think they are as soft as Nyusha's.  Anyway, she is a love and is absolutely fine. 
I will get you some pictures of her after I get up and get things done in the morning.  I can't believe how difficult this has been getting her to me, but I think we are finally to the end of it all.  Please let me know if you are getting my emails, so I will know that all is well with you and your family, too.  Thanks again for everything.
Best regards,

Judy - Kansas City - USA - November 2010
Zdavstvuyte Alex és Nastia!
Küldj képeket Maximus, mindannyian poryake.

Dr Dora - Budapest -  HUNGARY - November 2010
Dear Alex
We send you the first pictures of the puppy in our home. Your organisation
were perfect, we are very happy, you can use us as reference, If you want.
We call the puppy now "lew".
                                                                                                                                           Conny, Frankfurt - Germany - November 2010
Hi Alex!
Martha is here and we love her!  Everything went fine at the airport, and she is happy here with my children and my husband and my other dogs!  I will send pictures !  Thank you!
                                                                                                          Cynthia, Columbus (Ohio) - USA- November 2010
Greetings Alex,
We are home!  Wow, what a day!
Our girl is a sweet girl with us ;) 
Thank you so much Alex for a healthy little girl with beautiful color!
...Here are a few photos of Lucie!  She is a little fat right now, but will trim down after the puppy stages ;)
Laura, Colorado - USA -  May 2010
Hi Alex,
    ....We are home she is fine and just gorges.She is so cute and is just so
...Roxy is doing great she sleeps in my room at night and is so funny and cute.We all just love her so much!

Cindie,Jesse,Kayla and Marisa, Montreal - Canada -September, 1st 2010
Dear Alex!
Here are some pictures of Dooley (Kolin) and his first day in Florida.

Allen, Joy and Sara, Florida, USA-
August, 2010
Hi Alex,
...We got the puppy late last night. She was very clean! And very well taken care of. She is very friendly and we love her. She is a very good eater! Ellie and Gracie, our English bulldogs, they have been ignoring her but they aren't mean to her at all....

  We love her so much. She is very outgoing and loves everybody. She and my English bulldog Ellie love to play together. She makes Ellie very tired and sleepy. In the picture she is sleeping with Ellie. Your friends,
                                                                                                                                                                            Allen, Joy and Sara, Florida, USA- July, 2010
Hi Alex,
He is doing very well.  He is a good boy and loves to play with my other dogs.  I named him Jett.   He is a very happy and sweet boy and
beautiful as well.
Here are some pictures of Jett with his hat on and him playing outside. He loves to run as you can see in one of the pictures.  He is adjusting
very well and is a very loveable and happy.  We love him very much!
Marissa, Boston, USA - June, 2010
       ...we have called him Meesha. Every one who meets him LOVES him!! He is such a sweet little fellow!
Lisa, Vancouver , Canada - May, 2010
          Hi friends, I know it must be the middle of the night there.....but after 5 hours of waiting.......I have King! He is wonderful....... I want to thank you for putting up with the customs over here....I know that they can be difficult to work with. King is sleeping in his new bed......I will not be long to follow. Thank you Again, he is beautiful and I am sure he will fit right in at my home. Best wishes
Gwyn - Swanton, Ohio USA
      Alex, Here it is again. He's a really sweet and smart puppy! I love him! He's a fast learner too!
Marcia - Chicago, USA
    Hello friends! I have the little girl. She is beautiful. No problems at the airport. Received veterinarian health papers, and email copies, but did no have any delays in getting the puppy via U.S. Customs. We do not know what to name her, and will try to let her personality tell us. She is hilarious. We had her here at home with Hayden, who is Shirley's grandson. He wanted to play with her, and when he found out how hard she could bite, he freaked out! And man, can she get ya good! He went screaming for the couch, and she was right after him, getting a hold on his sock. Thank you for the puppy. I will send photos soon. William
William - Washington, USA

   Hi Alex, We are home and they are beautiful!!!!!! Very tired and happy to be out of the crate.....They played in the yard for a little while but I worried about them getting too hot as they are ot use to the heat here.....but it will start to cool down some soon....They are so loving and friendly.....We are just thrilled. Thank you so much for being great honest breeders and going beyond my expectations with these puppies.....I will write you a very nice review on puppy find in the next few days. And I will send some photos soon....I did get their pedigrees and all of their paperwork and I did stop and get them some Royal Canin food. I will stay in touch..... Thanks for everything....Please feel free to use me as a reference whenever you need.....
TammyJo - Chicago,IL USA
      Friends, It's time for an updated pic and story of Pinokio's adventures in the U S. This boy is the love of our life, and he's been such a booger lately. We've been laughing our heads off at him. Firstly he LOVES TO EAT! He's almost addicted and obsessed with eating as much as he can. After meal times ( all my dogs eat inside their crates) he runs around to everyone else' s crate to see if they've left him a bite. He finishes first every time and then barks until all are done. We have to drag him out of the other's crates and he darts in quickly.
Bonny – USA
Hi , I give you some news about "Bela" , she now called "Doolaly"which means in Irish language: funny girl and that suits very well to her cause she s a crazy girl!as you told me she likes bitting feet.... Aie ,aie, aie! But she s a wonderful frenchie and everybody here loves her(especially my last son which is 17 months old). so, thank you for what you did for us cause we are very happy with the little girl.
Pascale - France
I have some pictures of Bolt and will get new ones as well. He looks large in his pictures but is really very compact and stocky and about 24 pounds. He has beautiful red brindling!! He is a very sweet natured loving boy as well and just great with the kids and other dogs!!  He is a real joy though, very healthy, no problems at all, and we are proud to have him.
Kimberlee - NJ, USA
Mariya Broytman - Huntingdon, PA
     Greetings Friends, Wanted to let you know that Stone Horse...(Leon) is doing great! He has won over my heart, I'm in love! He is doing great, he was introduced to his first horse yesterday. His eye's grew big as I held him up to my horses nose,the look on his face was funny..;) As you can see from the pictures, he blends in with the outdoors too much! Sometimes you can be looking right at him and not even see him. I am very careful not to leave him out of my site for one minute. He plays wonderfully with the other dogs and loves to stare and try to chase the chickens! He's not very fast with his little puppy legs. He sleeps with me every night, and always wakes me up with a smile..;) Thank you so much again friends ! Good Luck with all of your pups, I hope they all find wonderful homes ! Thank you again, He is truly wonderful, you have done a great job in bringing this magnificent creature into the world!

Jennifer - USA
Max - he was a puppy just a wonderful, very intelligent and just beautiful.  We went with Max to the first training session - and our coach is very happy with us - he thinks that Max will not only participate in exhibitions, but also in Obedience and may even agility. He even though plenty of energy, but at the same time, attention and focus are great.
Olga  - Canada