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Dear friends!
     We very much love our the puppies and we want, that they arrived to the new houses already protected from illnesses. We prefer to send our puppies in protected from illnesses of viruses their new houses. Therefore we in special way prepare them for departure in their new house.
    All our puppies before departure in the new house receive full vaccination. Two times from five illnesses. This vaccine provides a reliable puppy protection against 5 illnesses: melancholy, a hepatitis, an enteritis, leptospirosis, and adenoviruses.
   Some days before being vaccinated the puppy gets obligatory medication against helminthes. After that it is possible not to worry about health of puppies. No troubles with them will happen any more never. We always send healthy puppies in their new families where them look forward also the big love to them. Together with a puppy we send his veterinary passport where there are marks about their vaccination and health.
        All our puppies have tattoo or microchip. It depends that his new owner will ask for a puppy. Also we send together with their each puppy pedigree FCI which admits in USA and other cities of Europe which it is easily transferred to registration in AKC, and also in other film logic organisations. Tattoo or microchip will be reflected in his pedigree. Our  pedigree is very beautiful also it will be pleasure, that this document of your favourite puppy in your hands. We strictly watch sending of puppies by airlines.

If you have any questions please email us.
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